For the exhibition Intermezzo (2021) at Dyad on the Spuistraat in Amsterdam, the window installation was on view the entire summer of 2021, accessible to everyone, from close by or far away, day and night.

For the spatial research of my practice, I investigated a specific color pigment of different plastic artifacts captured in car parks. From a location of little prestige in public space to a stage elevated above the audience in public space. Characterized at a distance by the upper striking windows and up-close by the multidisciplinary ensemble inside, seen through the window, of sculptures and wall coverings. The building has a history with some curious stories, from brothel to squatters' residences, and now a final tribute to the free spirits housed there.

I present a 4-floor window installation where old and new works meet for the first time. Please take a look from far away or very close. It’s up to you. On show at Dyad, Spuistraat 59, Amsterdam - May 2021 - Sept 2021

Venice Biennale: Birds sing like the horn of a truck

This video performance has presented at various locations: Duotoon, Lynk & Co, Fiber Festival, Tolhuistuin, La Biennale di Venezia, Microclima Venice.

'Thessa and I have known each other for some time. In this time that could be considered uncertain, this project gave us the opportunity to start research the relationship between the two of us, our natural environment, and the reflections through two different mediums. In an organic process in which the natural environment is recorded, dissected, modified, and reconnected, it carries a new home. It is a reflection in which sound reveals itself in images, and the image reveals itself in sound but over and above, continues to encourage each other. Also, it gives a new shape as an alternative for the traditional album cover, so it doesn’t disappear between the usual record collection. On both sides of our process, we have experienced the same increasing almost parallel development. Featuring that we do not criticise nor complement each other but let actions influence each other. We attach a high value to self-development within our processes. In some phases of the process, it is necessary to disengage, but at the other moment, you cannot do without each other. The beauty in this new work is that one does not exist without the other. For instance, the use of the glockenspiel and the pearlescent garage do not come out of the blue. The direct printing technique on aluminum makes the piece sculpture of our legacy, which in turn stems from the strong metal melody of the glockenspiel. I see it as a form of communication in the relationship between different elements in development.

The project ‘Birds Sing Like The Horn Of A Truck’ tests an expedition through various transformations in both analog and digital landscape. In this way, we discover the fertility of unharmed textures, pure natural colours, the serenity in harmony with remnants of artefacts, abandoned footprints, and interruptions. Both image and sound are composed of dozens of samples. These merge as a community that questions the manufacturability of our nature.'

The last train approaches, preserving my dearest memories without being alone

From 11 January to 12 February 2022 the exhibition 'The last train approaches, preserving my dearest memories without being alone' will be on show at The White in Tokyo, Japan. Together with artist Ikuhisa Sawada (澤田育久), we developed a spatial installation as a duo show. The White is located near the Tokyo Imperial Palace and National Museum of Modern Art. For more information, please check the website of The White.   シュールト マルテンス(Sjoerd Martens)/ 澤田育久(Ikuhisa Sawada) 「The last train approaches, preserving my dearest memories without being alone.」   2022年01月11日 〜2022年02月05日 13:00〜19:00 日曜・月曜休み

Placeness Produced at Muziekgebouw

"Musician upsammy and multidisciplinary artist Sjoerd Martens are creating a world of their own. The result of their collaboration is transcendental as well as deeply rooted in planet earth. A space where concrete constructions seem to melt into wild-growing nature through manipulated images and sounds. Uncanny rhythms, crisp textures, glitches, dripping water, and eerie melodies– their audio visual show sparks the imagination and engages with all senses."

Kaleidoscopic zoning through mountainous moments. On show at Van Gogh Museum, Deutsches Museum, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Le Guess Who? in 2022. Download digital album Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Clouds are Changing

An idea of a dystopian but seductive cosmos is extended into a video work of a much larger scale. Clouds are Changing (2019) is an immersive video, projected on 150 square meters for Canvas in TivoliVredenburg. Because of the life-size surface of the projection and the windows next to it where you have a view of the city of Utrecht, the projection gives the impression that you can look out through the physical walls of the space into a gigantic starry sky that opens up a new world. Due to the different surfaces of the canvas and the large surface area of the video, which moves across all surfaces, the image seems to fragment, bend and crumple.
In commission of TivoliVredenburg a 150m² videowork is made for Canvas. On show november 2019 - march 2020. More info can be found on the website of TivoliVredenburg. Installation shot at Canvas opening night. close info


Video installation on show at De School, Amsterdam

Everyday we are confronted by more and more artificiality in our surroundings. Our natural spaces are slowly transforming into a mise en scène that reflects our human activities. Simultaneously, it can also be seen as a device that we employ as we desire. ‘Earthskin’ is a botanical artwork, a video sculpture consisting of flora and artifacts extracted from our everyday lives. Not only do these elements exist in the grand scheme of things, but they also form their own microcosms. The viewer is brought into an unfamiliar environment through micrography and collaging. Organic and synthetic bodies circulate seamlessly, creating an unknown habitat and breathing space. What we were first unable to perceive, is now immortalized in a new digital creation.  

4032x3024 / 4:3
HD color

Installation photos are from the Patty Morgan show Klas 1b at De School, Amsterdam.