Le Guess Who (video performance, 2022)

My dearest memories without being alone (2022)

Photographic archaeological research (2017)

Scenery of Japan (2018)

Exclusive healing energy in Zhejiang (2019)

Playgrounds (2019)

Wild Chamber

Radioactive Bodies (publication, 2021)

My neighbor has petroglyphs in her backyard (2022)

Van Goghmuseum (video performance, 2022)

Intermezzo (installation, 2021)

Venice Biennale: Birds sing like the horn of a truck (video performance, 2020)

The last train approaches, preserving my dearest memories without being alone (2022)

Placeness Produced at Muziekgebouw (video performance, 2022)

Clouds are Changing (video, 2019)

Earthskin (video, 2019)

Invitation (video, 2018)