Every day we are confronted with more artificiality in our living environment. This habitat is consciously and unconsciously formed by spatial planning and by the traces of passers-by and tourists. We usurp a territory. This habitat is seen by Sjoerd Martens as a mise en scene; a decor that reflects our human activities and a time picture. "In my work, I reshape this decor. Man is absent from this, but due to the immersive nature of the work, I create an experience, a new habitat in which man as a spectator is included. The past presence, the contemporary desolation and the future uncertainty of man are central. The series Photographic Archaeological Research (2017) is commissioned for the Marina Abramović Institute, made after an intense research period on location in Paris. During the investigation, the photographic registrations can be a final stage but also the starting point of the second process; the investigation of the value and analysis of the registrations. View the archive of Photographic archaeological research (2017) at Marina Abramovic Institute