For the exhibition Intermezzo (2021) at Dyad on the Spuistraat in Amsterdam, the window installation was on view the entire summer of 2021, accessible to everyone, from close by or far away, day and night.

For the spatial research of my practice, I investigated a specific color pigment of different plastic artifacts captured in car parks. From a location of little prestige in public space to a stage elevated above the audience in public space. Characterized at a distance by the upper striking windows and up-close by the multidisciplinary ensemble inside, seen through the window, of sculptures and wall coverings. The building has a history with some curious stories, from brothel to squatters' residences, and now a final tribute to the free spirits housed there.

I present a 4-floor window installation where old and new works meet for the first time. Please take a look from far away or very close. It’s up to you. On show at Dyad, Spuistraat 59, Amsterdam - May 2021 - Sept 2021