• Unborn Bodies (multidisciplinary series, 2020)

    Project series in progress - Due to the recent lockdown, man temporarily limited himself from his territory, allowing paradise to breathe again. Our exposed living environment was given an unprecedented context, the vision of which turned out to be destructive or invisible. The new earth is the same earth but with a new perspective in our sanctuary, with the chance to approach it in a different form.

    Unborn Bodies is a seven-part scroll, made up of hundreds of photo registrations made into photo-realistic collages that create the illusion of an existing landscape. It sketches a dubious vision in which the first step seems to be taken again in a new acquaintance, which takes place in the past, present and future. Reality is indistinguishable from visions as is the groundless threat that may be attractive or never seen before.

    The panorama collages correspond to the coordinates of the documented Arowak petroglyphs. These pre-Columbian image makers used an unusual narrative method in which different information intersected by two-color overlapping pigments. The original pictograms are located in sacred places important to the image makers. The legacy from these visualizations is a representation of a future perspective which also cultivates in the contemporary collage images. This preserved material cultural heritage once again seems to bring about an old religious protective position to a bygone yet arriving home as a revelation yet to be identified.

    3000×2000 / 3:2 HD color 00:14:20 Stereo