• Earthskin (installation, 2019)

    Everyday we are confronted by more and more artificiality in our surroundings. Our natural spaces are slowly transforming into a mise en scène that reflects our human activities. Simultaneously, it can also be seen as a device that we employ as we desire. Earthskin (2019) is a botanical artwork. A video sculpture consisting of flora and artifacts extracted from our everyday lives; traces left behind in the Amsterdam parks and beds, from cigarette filters to bicycle parts, plastic and glass to jewelry. These elements not only exist in the grand scheme of things but also form their own microcosm. The viewer is brought into an unknown environment by micrography and collage. A microcosm of human spores elevates to macrocosm: Organic and synthetic bodies circulate seamlessly, creating an unknown habitat and breathing space. What we previously could not perceive has now been immortalized in a new digital creation. The soundtrack provides an undertone of threat and dystopia, which is at the same time also seductive.

    4032×3024 / 4:3 HD color 00:19:50 Stereo

    Installation photos at De School, Amsterdam.