Sjoerd Martens (1993, Nijmegen, The Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam.



2014-2018 Image and Media Technology – HKU University of the Arts Utrecht



2017 – 3/9 July         Patty Morgan’s Internetcafe at Les Rencontres de la photographie Arles

2017 – 9/11 Juni        Patty Morgan’s Internetcafe at Photography Museum FOAM

2017 – 1/30 April       Marina Abramović Institute + T



We are constantly leaving traces of our existence behind in our surroundings but we also have the urge to erase them as quickly as possible. They normally do not capture our attention, either because of their everydayness or perceived ugliness. The hidden beauty and purity of the human traces are what I want to immortalize so that they can be experienced differently and infinitely. Consequently, the subjects are no longer taken for granted. It is thus reminiscent of archeology, but with a different purpose and an unconventional mean.

I see my work as a sculpture of our legacy. The areas I create are characterized by past human presence, current abandonedness and future uncertainty. The human traces as still life are brought to a new breathing environment through multidisciplinarity en atypical narrative techniques. The manipulated mise-en-scène forms a post-apocalyptic, semi-surreal microcosm that includes physical and non-physical signs of our mortality. This haven is solely palpable and is comparable to past childhood dreams, or dissociation from one’s environment or self.



VICE – Vijf GIFs die de vrije liefde vieren

Patty Morgan – If this whole Spring thing is not your vibe